As one of SHIPSTORE’s original consumers based in Houston, TX, together we share common core values of accuracy, experience, quality, customer service and technology. Having moved into their new 160,000 square ft. building in May 2004, they now enjoy an expansive first class facility that is both secure and worker-friendly. This move did not come without the help of SHIPSTORE and its ability to make their parcel shipping and fulfillment needs more accessible to their customers as they underwent the construction and development at the new location.

SHIPSTORE’s Profile Business Logic Layer is the most important access point in their use of the product. It allows them to fit their client’s needs based on their rules and preferences providing them with the comfort and satisfaction they deserve. The Rateshop feature within SHIPSTORE provides them with all major and regional carriers, providing their customers the same benefits and accessibility to their services and rates on a day-to-day basis.

Deployment Method: Public Cloud
ERP: Direct Response Integration
Carriers: UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL International, LSO
Features: Dashboard, OrderTrack,  LTL, Batch Processing, Custom Email Notification