shipping features.

Compare, book, track, and analyze shipments with your carriers

Industry-leading shipping features

Multi-Mode. Multi-Carrier. High Volume.

Shipstore offers a full suite of capabilities that match or exceed the industry’s highest standards. Our shipping software is specifically designed to solve for complexities that other platforms can’t handle (or can’t handle well). This goes well beyond simple rate shopping; this is logic at scale. 

Core Capabilities

Parcel contract management

Carrier compliance

Parcel consolidation

Label and document creation

Parcel execution

Real-time parcel visibility

Reporting and analytics

Parcel manifesting

Custom WMS/TMS/ERP integrations

Extended Capabilities

Time in Transit optimization

Procurement + bid optimization

Dynamic, SKU-specific rate shopping

Parcel + freight invoice consolidation and payment

Last-mile delivery

Returns + claims management

Advanced cartonization + box packing optimization

National and regional carrier rate management

International shipment documentation 


Your shipping starts before you pull items from the shelf. Shipstore’s unique automation functions allow you to drive efficiencies in this process through an array of fully customizable order entry, routing algorithms, and business rules logic — all from a single interface. 



Route packages on the lowest-cost service that meets the required transit time using a multitude of carrier and modal options. Utilize pre-routed logic, “Bestway” algorithms, or dynamic TnT routing.


Manage all aspects of the shipping process from a single platform. Process shipments, manage performance outliers, aggregate KPI’s, and track real-time performance from one easy-to-use interface.  


Control unique logic needs for a near-infinite number of different customers or SKU-specific profiles, including automated routing logic, carrier defaults, rate adjustments, and special services. 


Quickly and easily enter orders to be processed immediately or saved for use at a later date or time. Create single entries through the UI, or import batches of orders for rating or execution.


Rate and ship large batches of orders with multiple carriers through our customizable platform. Multi-threading allows Shipstore to coordinate multiple API calls simultaneously for faster speeds.


Import a list of products that are available with a single click of a button. Use Item Book for LTL and international shipments, or for inventory that cannot transfer into the system via API integration.



We’re no run-of-the-mill TMS. See how simple it is to set up and use custom features and business logic workflows. Store addresses for quick shipping; regroup packages in the same order after they’ve been labeled; and automatically notify customers of incoming shipments. We’re reimagining the way you ship with a single platform for packing optimization and automation.


Automate packing configurations to ensure optimal box dimensions for items with various sizes and weights.


Store a list of addresses for quick shipment processing to multiple locations. Pair shipping accounts to automatically bill customers in case of non-prepaid shipments.


Simplify multi-piece shipment design by optimizing box packing rules set to minimize waste and specifically comply with your end-customers’ expectations. 


Create ASN labels at the time of shipping, and generate ASN EDI files to your customer to notify them of an incoming shipment.


Our simple yet powerful software gives you visibility across your entire shipping environment. Consolidate shipments; create branded experiences for your customers; and access discounted rates from parcel and LTL carriers. Build for scale with an efficient and optimized shipping infrastructure in place. 



Access custom email templates designed with logos, styling, colors, and formats.


Rate a shipment to determine whether it would be more cost effective to move as small parcel or LTL, depending on the size and weight of the packages.


Combine multiple orders into one shipment while still having access to the freight cost for each individual order.


Import rates for LTL carriers without APIs. Rateshop your local carriers along with the larger ones to ensure you are getting the best rate possible.

The Shipstore Difference

Shipstore solutions are agile, customizable, and turnkey — which is a true rarity in the TMS space. The Shipstore system flexes both power and simplicity, with core features designed specifically for mid- to high-volume shippers, and a simple user interface that allows you to manage your entire shipping operation (not just label printing) from a single interface. While any level of customization is possible, users can control core routing and business rules logic with a single click, offering nimble responses to shifting business conditions at the user level, not the developer level. Shipstore is a shipping system built by shipping people. Here’s what makes us different:

> Live rates via API

No more manual rating engine updates, which eliminates on-premesis development work.

> Dynamic business rules engine 

Customer requirements and business rules change over time, but you won’t need a developer since you can control the toggle switch at the local user level.

> Built-in batch rating

Import shipment files, or rate/ship directly through your OMS.

> Built-in integrations

Seamlessly plug into our turnkey carrier and system API library.

> Centralized station settings

Configure shipping stations with the click of a button.

> Embedded mark-up functionality

Mark up carrier rates or discount/subsidize shipping costs, all at the local level.

> Instance flexibility

Shipstore can operate in a public cloud, private cloud, or an on-premise server environment.

> UI flexibility

Users can opt for the Shipstore UI, or Shipstore can power embedded systems as a black box.

> Full process/operational support

Our support staff is on-call directly from our Kansas City, MO headquarters. You can rest assured you will have as much of our support as you need through the entire shipment process.

Austen Support Team

Supported by the best team in the business

Our dedicated team of in-house support engineers know the Shipstore software by heart. And they’ll support you every step of the way — from adoption and setup to support and capability expansion. It’s one of the many reasons our customer retention rate is so high.

Shipstore blew us away with their approach to become our partner and not just another vendor/customer relationship.

Andrew Constantinou, Fulfillment Specialists