What Our Clients Are Saying...

We approach our clients with the utmost respect and sincerity. Without our client’s, SHIPSTORE wouldn’t be able to provide an exclusive experience enabling a broad network of companies to take their parcel requirements to a whole new level. Here are some of our client’s testimonials explaining why SHIPSTORE is the best choice in parcel shipping today.

Deployment Method: Enterprise 

ERP: MenuNet, PrintNet, SHIPSTORE Order Entry

Carriers: UPS, FedEx, USPS/Endicia

Modules: Dashboard, OrderTrack, Batch Processing, Custom Email Notification, and Rebagging

A Kansas City based company focused on providing technology solutions and services to the restaurant industry. In 2014 they began searching for a faster and more efficient way to address small package shipping. SHIPSTORE came to their attention and now they put their trust in SHIPSTORE to fulfill their small package deliveries. They have adopted

SHIPSTORE technology and rely on SHIPSTORE's consultative expertise to enable them to move faster than ever before. Our relationship continues to contribute to their growing success.

SHIPSTORE integrated three distinct processes into their shipping procedures and melded them into one smooth, hassle-free solution. The proprietary internal development staff at SHIPSTORE developed custom functionality outside standard shipping parameters and enabled remote accessibility, seemlessly fitting into their business model. The unmatched customer service that SHIPSTORE provides helped them deploy our tools and train their team with no business interruptions.

Printing Company

Shaking Up The Freight Business For The Better.

A midwest manufacturing company has been built on it's service and reliability. They needed to find a shipping solution to match, if not increase the speed at which they get their products out of the warehouse and into their customers hands. They found this exact effiency within SHIPSTORE. The program itself provides them with the extensive reporting, dashboard generation, and metrics they desire to provide high end service and reliability.

Some of the other positive aspects SHIPSTORE brought to their company include the consolidation of four areas including North Kansas City, Omaha, Arkansas City, and Springfield, MO into one shipping platform, saving them the hassle of driving to and from each location to identify issues. The experience of the support team at SHIPSTORE gave them the opportunity to take their various box types and report the dimensions of each order through a box code specific to each and every batch. This allowed them to facilitate, organize, and print various labels (standard, doctab, and generic courier), in one system with the reading of a barcode scanner.

Manufacturing Company

Deployment Method: Public Cloud

ERP: Epicor/P21 Integration

Carriers: UPS, FedEx, USPS

Modules: Dashboard, OrderTrack,  LTL

Making A Difference To Companies Everywhere.

Deployment Method: Public Cloud

ERP: RAMP Systems

Carriers: UPS, FedEx, USPS/Endicia 

Modules: Dashboard, OrderTrack, Batch Processing, Box Types, and Email Notification

A leading beauty supply company had researched the best breeds of technology to manage their shipping needs. Shipping is a large investment and has many effects on a business as a whole. This beauty company knew what they needed fulfilled and wanted to make sure they found the right company to engage with. They ended up choosing SHIPSTORE software which allows them the ability to apply custom business logic consistent with the individual needs of thier clients. Our software rates and service shops the carriers while maintaining every carrier requirement, keeping them updated as requirements and regulations change.

SHIPSTORE’s customized HTML Email template is unique to the industry in that it allows the opportunity to customize a message in each tracking email, keeping their customers abreast of any news related to their business. SHIPSTORE supports all services from UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and many regional carriers as well as assists with LTL shipments. SHIPSTORE integration has allowed them to print custom documents for international shipments and manage customized business logic.

Beauty Supply Company

Leading The Pack The Smart Way.

As one of SHIPSTORE's original consumers based in Houston,TX, together we share common core values of accuracy, experience, quality, customer service and technology. Having moved into their new 160,000 square ft. building in May, 2004, they now enjoy an expansive first class facility that is both secure and worker-friendly. This move did not come without the help of SHIPSTORE and its ability to make their parcel shipping and fullfillment needs more accessible to their customers as they underwent the construction and development at the new location.

SHIPSTORE's Profile Business Logic Layer is the most important access point in their use of the product. It allows them to fit their client's needs based on their rules and preferences providing them with the comfort and satisfaction they deserve. The Rateshop feature within SHIPSTORE provides them with all major and regional carriers, providing their customers the same benefits and accessibility to their services and rates on a day-to-day basis.

Order Fulfillment Specialists Company

Deployment Method: Public Cloud

ERP: Direct Response Integration

Carriers: UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL International, LSO

Modules: Dashboard, OrderTrack,  LTL, Batch Processing, Custom Email Notification

Changing Freight, One Satisfied Customer At A Time.

Deployment Method: Enterprise

ERP: Direct Response Integration

Carriers: UPS, UPS Mail Innovations, FedEx, FedEx Smartpost, Endicia, DHL International, OnTrac

Modules: Dashboard, OrderTrack,  Batch Processing, Custom Email Notification

Since 1953, this Southern California company has been providing Direct Marketing and Fulfillment Services nationwide. For over 60 years now they have served as the company for many and while communication techniques change within time, their guiding principles of honesty and integrity are timeless. When they began searching for the solution to make their parcel shipping processes more efficient, more intelligent and more customizable, they discovered SHIPSTORE.

SHIPSTORE supplies them the ability to continue to place a high prerogative on customer satisfaction and success. They pride themselves in providing each customer with consistent parcel delivery while simplifying the ordering procedure. SHIPSTORE provided them with the flexibility to deploy enterprise systems that increased speed and processing accountability across the nation. Batch Processing and Custom Email Notification provides them with the luxury of making order processing personal, efficient, and improve the way they managed their parcel shipping initiatives.

Direct Marketing & Fulfillment Company