A Kansas City based company focused on providing technology solutions and services to the restaurant industry. In 2014, they began searching for a faster and more efficient way to address small package shipping. SHIPSTORE came to their attention and now they put their trust in SHIPSTORE to fulfill their small package deliveries. They have adopted SHIPSTORE technology and rely on SHIPSTORE’s consultative expertise to enable them to move faster than ever before. Our relationship continues to contribute to their growing success.

SHIPSTORE integrated three distinct processes into their shipping procedures and melded them into one smooth, hassle-free solution. The proprietary internal development staff at SHIPSTORE developed custom functionality outside standard shipping parameters and enabled remote accessibility, seemlessly fitting into their business model. The unmatched customer service that SHIPSTORE provides helped them deploy our tools and train their team with no business interruptions.

Deployment Method: Enterprise 

ERP: MenuNet, PrintNet, SHIPSTORE Order Entry

Carriers: UPS, FedEx, USPS/Endicia

Features: Dashboard, OrderTrack, Batch Processing, Custom Email Notification, and Rebagging